Sometimes I run a hen party fascinator making class and am amazed that the girls there aren’t designers – there are some seriously creative ladies out there! (especially those who start the class with “but I’m not creative at all….”…!!!!) And this was one of those occasions – what amazing designs these hens at this Edinburgh hen party class came up with! We had fun spreading all of our materials out in their self catering house which they’d rented for the hen party, then these hens (many of who claimed hadn’t ever sewn) all set to work and created with some gorgeous fascinators to be very proud of.  Many of them made them to match the dresses they were planning on wearing to the wedding as they were hoping to wear them at the up coming wedding so fingers crossed they did!

Here are some photos of then lovely hen party fascinator making class:

IMG_0135 IMG_0129 IMG_0144 IMG_0147 IMG_0150 IMG_8552 IMG_8556 IMG_8560 IMG_8572