A few weeks ago Katy and I had the pleasure of teaching another lovely bunch of hens some fascinator making as part of Miriam’s hen party.  We had set out the materials ready for the hens in Edinburgh’s Voodoo rooms and enjoyed the excitement on the girls faces as they came in to see what they were in for!

The hens enjoyed a lovely buffet and fizz while they learned to design and make their fascinators and by the end of the afternoon, everyone had a fascinator that they could proudly wear out that night. One hen was even overheard saying that this was the “best thing she’d ever made.”  She shyly told me that she had never been good at making things and wasn’t a crafty or arty person so was “shocked and delighted” at what she’d managed to make.  Now THAT is what we like to hear – happy teachers 🙂

Here are some photos from the afternoon. Thanks so much to Kristen, Miriam and the rest of the hens xxx

Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-7 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-6 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-5 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-4 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-3 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-2 Miriam-Voodoo-Rooms-Blog-1