Well it’s been quite a while since we blogged about our classes so I thought it was about time to start letting you know what we’ve been up to!

I’ll start with a lovely class we ran up in Perthshire a few weeks ago. It was the very snowy weekend and the girls were staying in the lovely Cambusmichael cottages (which I highly recommend – beautiful!). When we arrived the smell of fresh baking was AMAZING and the mother-of-the-bride and her sister were busy in the kitchen preparing the most beautiful afternoon tea I’ve ever seen, for the girls to enjoy after their fascinator making class (which did mean that I had a watering mouth throughout the whole class as the smell of fresh cakes and scones wafted through the cottage!

The class itself was lots of fun. As usual, some of the girls were a bit nervous, not having sewed much in their life, and some claiming to have no creative bones in their body. However, as always, they all managed to produce some gorgeous fascinators which they were all delighted with and looked amazing! They loved hunting through the materials, feathers, beads and netting to find the perfect combinations for their designs and had fun playing around to find styles that suited them. Their designs were all quite varied as you can see with some going for small, subtle designs and some preferring bolder colours and styles.

I was sad to leave the cosy cottage behind and head back through the snow to Edinburgh, leaving them all to enjoy that beautiful afternoon tea, wearing their lovely fascinators!

Thanks again to Jenny for booking the class with us and letting us share some photos xxx