We travelled up to the lovely Kingsbarns in Fife (reminding me of Sunday day trips as a child!) to run a fascinator making class recently. The hens were staying in the lovely Morton of Pitmilly self catering houses so we had plenty of space to spread out our mountain of materials before we got started with the class.  As usual, there was a mixture of looks of delight, intrigue and fear as we explained to them that they would all be hand sewing their fascinators, and as ALWAYS, every single hen managed to create a beautiful fascinator by the end of the class.   We had loads of very different designs made, from simple pastel floral pieces to large black and green statement pieces and we were delighted with the fascinators that they made.  The weather was so lovely that we even managed to do lots of our photos outside after the class.

They were such a lovely bunch of hens, Rona and I had a great time running the class for them. Here are some snaps of the afternoon. xxx

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