A couple of weeks ago Katy and I had the pleasure of running a jewellery making hen party class in the fabulous Penthouse Suite at the Hummingbird Glasgow for 20 lovely hens. Some of the hens had arrived early to decorate the room with some gorgeous bunting and photos of the bride-to-be and plenty of sparkle so the room looked amazing for the bride-t0-be when she arrived.

We taught the girls how to make several designs and they all got on with making their jewellery. They all chose quite different styles and colours so by the end of the class there was an amazing variety of beautiful hand made jewellery on display.  A lot of them were amazed by what they’d managed to make during the time.

We had a lovely email from the organiser afterwards to say “Thank you both so much for a great afternoon and the wonderful jewellery and pictures! Everyone commented saying they really enjoyed themselves and most wore their jewellery home or for the rest of the party!”

Here are some photos of the afternoon. A huge thank you to the hens for being such good fun and for letting us share some photos of the class 🙂

Amy-Nicholson-Hen-1 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-2 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-3 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-4 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-5 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-6 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-7 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-8 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-9 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-10 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-11 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-12 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-13Amy-Nicholson-Hen-14 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-15 Amy-Nicholson-Hen-16