We were delighted to run another one of our popular jewellery making hen party classes a few weeks ago, this time in Edinburgh’s Hemma bar.

The lovely  hens had arrived early to enjoy a nice lunch from Hemma’s yummy menu and watched excitedly as we set up the class. They were really excited to see the range of jewellery designs that they could choose to make and found it quite hard to choose their favourites! In the end they made quite a variety of pieces, ranging from silver wired and beaded bracelets, to illusion necklaces, to some lovely earrings.  By the end of the class, all the hens were delighted with their two creations and were wearing them proudly as they enjoyed their drinks and got ready to carry on the hen party elsewhere.

Katy the organiser sent us a lovely note afterwards saying:

“Hi Hannah, Thank you so much again for such a great day! you were great and i will definitely be recommending your company to people ????”   We love happy hens!

Here are some photos of the hens getting stuck into their jewellery making:

Katy-Maude-Jewellery-making-1 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-2 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-3 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-4 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-5 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-6 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-7 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-8 Katy-Maude-Jewellery-Making-9