We are delighted to launch our latest product for anyone looking for something a bit different for their next corporate event. Whether its a large scale corporate event, or a small group activity you are organising, our mask making kits are perfect for groups of men or women. We send you beautifully packaged mask making kits bursting with all the materials you will need to make some fabulous venetian style masks. Make it a team challenge by splitting people into teams and once the masks are complete, having a parade to decide on the winning designs! This fun activity is also a great networking activity – mingle while you create your masterpieces then wear them with pride.

This event is also perfect to combine with a dinner or ball. Make the masks as an activity during the day, then wear them to the dinner, ball or garden party.  Participants can go as classy, sophisticated, wild, amusing or crazy as they like during this fun mask making activity. Whatever their profession, those taking part in the mask decorating activity are sure to have fun!

Each kit comes with all the materials that you will need to make your masks, plus clear instructions.

Large group discounts apply. Kits can be purchased directly from our online store here. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.