Made By the Hens’ very own Katy had a fabulous time teaching a lovely bunch of hens to decorate some gorgeous lingerie in the opulent Howard Hotel recently. The ladies were served their delicious (as always in the Howard!) afternoon tea by their very own butler in a lovely private function room and set to work choosing and decorating some lovely  lingerie as party of their hen party weekend. They each chose very different styles ranging from simple, classic looks using our range of french laces, to more extravagant, wild neon pink undies with frills and sparkles – love it! 😉

They were such a friendly, beautiful bunch of hens – thank you so much to Samantha and the rest of the girls for booking the class with us. xx

Here are a few photos of the afternoon:

Victoria-Blog-1 Victoria-Blog-2 Victoria-Blog-3 Victoria-Blog-4 Victoria-Blog-5 Victoria-Blog-6 Victoria-Blog-7