Well we just LOVE this vintage bunting that we have made this week in preparation for our vintage bunting classes in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  It looks great up on the wall in our studio, and would look equally fab in a dining room or strung up at a wedding.  Using quality hessian, vintage laces, brooches, doilies, buttons and beads, it hangs beautifully.  Whilst waiting for our new binding to be delivered we hung it with cord and mini pegs, and actually really like how it looks so may ditch the binding this time!

VintageBuntingBlog1 VintageBuntingBlog2 VintageBuntingBlog5 VintageBuntingBlog4 VintageBuntingBlog3

Bunting has really become popular this year as a home decor as well as at weddings. For those of you who are looking for a vintage look at your wedding, why not book  a class and make some gorgeous vintage bunting, then hang it with some old vintage lampshades at your reception?


Photo from www.prettynostalgic.co.uk


At the vintage bunting class you’ll have the choice of using hessian or gorgeous vintage floral cottons for a more colourful version.

Bunting Flag

Bunting Flag

Bunting Class

Bunting Class

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Photos taken from www.theeburycollection.com

You can book onto one of our scheduled classes, or if there are a group of you who fancy doing this for a hen party, baby shower or just a nice girly get together, get in touch!