We recently ran a fabulous fascinator making hen party class in West Lothian, near Edinburgh, for some lovely hens.  The journey to the venue was hilarious with a rather unusual kind of traffic jam on the way when a herd of cows blocked the driveway to the house..!

Their self catering house was stunning and looked fantastic with all the bunting that they had put up.  We had plenty of space to put our all the fascinator making materials as the girls watched on eager to get started.

When we’d finished teaching them the basic techniques required to make fascinators, the girls got stuck straight into making their fascinators. As always,  we were surprised and impressed at how creative they all were, and how different each of their fascinator were.  Ranging from small, simple pastel coloured designs to large, vibrant statement hats, the hens did a great job of making their unique fascinators.

We had a fun photoshoot at the end of the class and got some lovely pictures of them all.  Thanks again to all the girls for booking with us and for being such good fun! xx

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