So – here’s a little blog post for all of you ladies who’ve been given the difficult task of organising a hen party.  Whether you’re trying to please 5 or 50 hens, it’s always tricky to come up with ideas that are going to suit everyone, including of course the bride-to-be. You may have a range of ages amongst the hens, a range of personalities, different likes and dislikes, people travelling from all over the country or even the world, people who are active and others who prefer the couch, people who like a bottle or seven of Prossecco and some pregnant hens who can’t drink, some people arriving the night before and others expecting to be entertained for a whole week – you hen party organisers have a tough job ahead!

Trying to organise the big hen party day, or even a whole hen party weekend can certainly be a daunting task, but fear not – we can help with at least a few hours of it! For the last six years, we have been helping out hen party organisers all over the country with our popular hen party craft classes, and more recently we’ve added to our offering our wonderful hen party craft kits. Now – why are these kits so good…?

The hen party DIY kits that we offer range include bunting making kits, fascinator making kits, lingerie decorating kits and floral crown making kits. The hen party kits are not just thrown into a box and bundled to you, the kits come beautifully packaged so that you can enjoy opening them on the big day.

They come with very clear, easy to follow instructions, accompanied with photos, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to make your chosen items. You can choose when and where to make your bunting, fascinators, floral crowns or lingerie – at a time and in a place that suits you so this is a very flexible hen party activity which means it’s easy to fit around your other organised activities. Depending on the weather you could choose to do this activity inside or outside. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny day for your hen party, why  not take the kits outside and enjoy making your items whilst enjoying some fizz in the sun? Heaven!


In addition, if you order our fascinator making kits or floral crown making kits, you will receive a free copy of the internationally sold book “Fascinators” by Hannah Scheidig (worth £13.99) containing your instructions for making your fascinators or floral crowns. This is one of the leading books on fascinator making and floral crown making and you can then gift the book to the bride-to-be as well, meaning that after her hen party, she can then use the book to create many more fascinators and floral crowns!

Hen parties can get expensive for all the hens involved, and often, after spending a lot of money, all of the hens including the bride-to-be often have to leave empty handed. With our kits, not only will you have a fun few hours making your items, by the end you’ll have some beautiful hand-made items to remember the hen party – a wonderful keepsake for everyone involved!

So – what are you waiting for? Have a look at our hen party kits online store and order your kits now!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hannah and the MADE Craft Party Team xxx